Registration and Pricing


Per day, per person:


Coordination Fee

Day long coordination:

$10 ($15 with meal)

Program Options

Although we have a consistent evening program schedule, we factor in a day where groups can elect to do one of the following activities/reflections. Please choose one of the following presentation options for your group to participate in during your experience:

“Slavery Then and Now”

Includes: tour of the Johnson House (a stop along the underground railroad), a presentation on current forms of slavery and human trafficking, and a student centered discussion (Extra cost of $5.00 per person)

“Environmental Justice”

Includes: tour of Philly Urban Creators (local community garden and sustainability project), presentation on stewardship in the Catholic Social Teaching, and a student centered discussion. (Extra cost of $50 per group)

“It Could Be Me”

Includes: a trip to The Monkey and the Elephant Café (a job and life skills program that seeks to equip youth who’ve aged out of foster care with the tools necessary to make the transition to self-sufficient adulthood), a presentation about the links between the foster system, homelessness and incarceration, and a student centered discussion

“Mass Incarceration”

Includes: guest speaker, presentation/video on the prison system, and a student centered discussion

“Understanding Ourselves in Context of Our Histories”

Includes: presentation on the history of race and poverty in Philadelphia, and a student centered discussion