The St. Vincent de Paul Center provides opportunities for youth (high school) and young adults (college and post – college):

  • To serve for and with the poor and marginalized on a short term basis (a day to a week);
  • To reflect upon their experience and the impact the poor and marginalized have had on their lives, how they can continue to serve as their return to their schools, communities, and families;
  • To experience and form community among themselves and with the poor and marginalized;
  • To learn about the Vincentian Charism, Catholic Social Justice teaching, causes of poverty, possible solutions and systemic change.

The above goals are accomplished by:

  • A variety of service sites in which young adults and youth have hands on contact with the poor and marginalized;
  • Reflection prayer oriented sharing processes daily for the young adults and youth to share how the service and those with whom they have contact have affected them (morning reflection, prayer, and the opportunity for Eucharist are also offered);
  • Presentations on the reality of community in neighborhood, parishes, and sites in which they serve (living conditions, common meals, community building activities);
  • Contacts with the Vincentian Family via presentations on the “Vincentian Way”, miracle stories, causes of poverty and possible solutions, Social Justice, systemic change etc.

Through the Center experiences youth and young adults are exposed to the realities of people living in poverty.  These experiences sow the seeds of the Vincentian Charism which will bear fruit in their adult Christian lives.  Our goal is that their stay with us will result in their awareness of and participation in proactive activities in the cause of justice.  The SVDP Center stands as proof that faith, generosity, goodness and hope is alive and well in our young people.

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