Environmental Service Retreat

Taking to heart Pope Francis’ most recent encyclical Laudato Si, our Environmental Service Retreat will:

  • Promote understanding and care for our natural resources, and water
  • Responsible management of trash and waste
  • Help students to recognize the way in which personal choices shape and contribute to the whole, and their eventual impact on communities living in poverty
  • Give students the opportunity to serve in local parks, gardens, and greening projects allowing them to see that they can have a positive impact on the environment

ESR groups will spend time working on service projects with our community partners throughout the city. Groups can expect to work on projects such as invasive species removal, trail closures or repair at local parks, plantings, and urban gardening projects. Each evening we will focus on a different aspect of environmental concern allowing students to reflect on activities and their experiences throughout the day. Students will leave having a greater understanding and care for God’s creation and their role as stewards.