St. Athanasius School

Their Mission: St. Athanasius School exists for the purpose of spreading the Good News of Christ according to Catholic teaching. Our mission is to address the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our students. We are dedicated to empowering our students to live Christian values and to strive for academic excellence.

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Mercy Neighborhood Ministries Childrens Program

Their Mission: Mercy Neighborhood Ministries is only one of three programs in the Tioga area which services school age youth with before and after school experiences. One of the noblest goals of Mercy is to help students realize that they can become anything and that life is bigger than the streets of Tioga. Each afternoon, program staff and administration take on the challenge of bringing exposure and experience to their youth daily. To bring additional learning experiences directly into the hands of the children at their developmental levels, all of the classrooms also explore learning through hands one discovery, real life lessons and activity planning, and open interest centers which allow children and youth to have choice and freedom of expression.

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DePaul Catholic

Their Mission: The DePaul Catholic School is an innovative urban elementary school dedicated to carrying out the legacy of St. Vincent de Paul by empowering students to become life-long learners, leaders and servants who build the Kingdom of God.

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Holy Cross

Their Mission: Holy Cross School is a faith-centered Catholic community offering an excellent academic program which is rooted in Gospel values. Students are empowered to do their best to learn and to apply their knowledge, religious values, and God given talents to meet the challenges of a morally complex 21st century.

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St. Malachy’s

Their Mission: Saint Malachy Catholic Elementary School has been located in North Philadelphia since 1861. We are dedicated to providing a family-oriented environment which encourages academic excellence. We foster awareness of our human condition, of God, and our global community. We are committed to building strong moral character and Christian values, and to helping students become life-long learners.

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