Advent… Be Not Ashamed!


“No longer will the Israelite s be ashamed, nor will their faces show embarrassment… wayward spirits will learn wisdom, and grumblers will accept instruction.”


What is the impact of bullying on its victims? How does it contribute to poor self-esteem, shame, eating disorders, cutting and suicide? Have you ever participated in bullying? or been the target of bullying? What are effective ways to reduce bullying and its devastating effects?

What can you do to nurture qualities of empathy and kindness?

watch an 8 min. video from Not in our Town, ” Students take on cyberbullying,” http://www.nito.org/node/4385


Prayer: Gentle God, you have given us the gift of free choice. We can choose to treat others with kindness and respect or to bully or abuse them. Open our eyes to see your presence in every person we encounter or speak with today. Give us the courage to resist pressures of belittling others.

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